“Yes, And …” Can Transform “Reaction” into “Creation”

“Reaction” and “creation” are two words inextricably linked to ideas, the creative process, and innovation. Like siblings, both words have similar DNA, but different letter sequencing.

Reaction” is a natural response to an idea.

Creation” is the process of bringing an idea into existence.

You may have a positive, indifferent, or negative reaction to an idea. No matter. To truly innovate, you must move the “C” from “reaction” to fuel “creation.” Here’s how in two simple steps when you react to an idea:

  • Yes! Acknowledge what you love, like, value, and see potential in. Take nothing for granted.
  • and…” Using a set of language such as “what if…”, “how might we…”, “I wish we could…”, or “how to…”, begin to generate possibiities that modify the idea or change it completely to create a new idea.

Undergoing what we call this “Yes, and …” creative brainstorming process takes vision, strength, and courage in your convictions. It also requires a dose of deep reflection.

Your efforts to keep thoughts flowing, rather than shut them down, can help you come up with more and better ideas. In the process, you’re poised to uncover innovations with the power to boost your business.

Steve Xenakis is principal of noo F/X – a top innovation-consulting agency that helps companies take their idea generation to the next level. Learn more at www.noo-fx.com.
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