Co-creation with Physicians

noo-cocreationA Win-Win-Win

We do a lot of idea generation with physicians. Having trained hundreds of physicians in over 20 medical specialties on creative problem-solving, we appreciate not just their willingness, but also their pleasure, in participating in a creative effort. Their insights and experience have been invaluable in many challenging innovation projects from positioning and new products, to device and delivery system development.


There are five reasons why physicians find co-creation so satisfying:

  1. Physicians’ Pride as Problem-Solvers: Many physicians see diagnosis and effective disease management as detective work. Many are healthcare private eyes, investigators, and sleuths. For some, their work is essentially creative-problem solving, and many physicians enjoy this challenge.
  2. Intellectual Socialization: Physicians tell us that working as a team to generate possibilities is a refreshing change from their day-to-day. For some physicians, particularly for those in solo and small group practices, work can feel isolating. Brainstorming gives them fresh new perspectives and learning.
  3. Creative Problem-Solving (CPS) as Continuing Medical Education: Only a minority of physicians are exposed to CPS, and these tend to be younger physicians. Exposing physicians to tried and true CPS tools and techniques is exciting new learning for many. This allows them to integrate some of these concepts into their practice and even share them with their children.
  4. Whole Brain Thinking: In our experience, many physicians engage in complementary activities involving the right brain. We specially recruit physicians who enjoy the creative-side of their lives, which can include photography, water color painting, pottery, writing, composing, arts and crafts, gardening, etc. This creative expression along with creative problem-solving engages the whole brain, enabling them to vision what is not there and to generate possibilities, as opposed to providing the “one” answer.
  5. Recognition and Reward: Being a healthcare professional is hard work. Given the complexities of healthcare, doctor’s have told us that the practice of medicine is overly romanticized. Specially recruiting physicians, training them, challenging them and honoring them for their contributions is rewarding. For a precious few hours it takes a doctor out of defensive medicine mode and rewards them for their insight, ideas, and inspiration.

Not only is co-creation satisfying for doctors, it’s also productive for clients, and gratifying for us.

That’s a win-win-win.

Nancy Francis
Principal noo F/X
nancy-small Steve Xenakis
Principal noo F/X
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